Origami and Mapping by Joanie Lemercier

We were happy that had a small talk with talented visual artist Joanie Lemercier known as a part of AntiVJ team. Joanie shows his latest projection mapping on wall mounted paper origami. My name is Joanie Lemercier, I'm a visual artist and my work is based around light projected onto 3 dimensional canvases. Over the past few year I've been working a lot with architecture, and projection mapping onto facades with the visual label AntiVJ (www.antivj.com), but lately I've been exploring much smaller structures, experimenting with pencil, paper, tape and projected light.

This piece is a result of a short residency I did in a gallery space near Birmingham (UK) a few weeks ago. All I used was A4 paper, folded into 7 different sizes pyramids, and taped to the wall. I really like using a very basic geometric shape, and repeat it several times to create more organic structures. I then use a video projector to map the light onto the structure and to animate the composition. I am now working on similar pieces on a much smaller scale made of porcelain.

http://joanielemercier.com/ https://www.facebook.com/joanielemercier https://twitter.com/JoanieLemercier