One Minute Wonders

"One minute wonders is just that. A series of video portraits of wondrous people, telling their personal story in 60 seconds flat. Artists, entrepreneurs, designers and rain-makers offer up an insight into the individual, their motivations and what really makes them tick. People who live within a moment in time that we define as the Present Plus." A gentleman first and the vice president for all things creative, playful and HD at Vimeo. Enough said. This is Blake. Designer Claire Malcolm has worked with Kim Jones, Kanye West and Alfred Dunhill and is now creative director of eponymous British fashion brand Hardy Amies. This is Claire. Born in Israel in 1973 Avinoam Noma Bar grew up collecting pictograms, knowing he wanted to be a designer. Today, Noma is a designer and illustrator renowned for his political graphic observations of controversy and negative space. This is Noma.

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