Olga Feldman Linzza - An Anatomy

I think @Radiohead or @MassiveAttackUK might be inspired as same as us by the latest and the longest project "An Anatomy" created digitally by hands of Saint-Petersburg based conceptual illustrator Olga Feldman aka Linzza. Why I mentioned Radiohead, because this work reminds me their project http://www.aaronkoblin.com/work/rh/index.html with the only difference in creation - Aaron Koblin did it with code, Olga - by hands and without 3D dummies.

We had a chance to speak with Olga about her project.

DC: What was the concept behind "An atomy"? Olga: First there was no concept. All I wanted is improve my vector technic and connect it with classical anatomy studies. 3D models that I’ve used before are too rough and I refused them.

DC: What was the main challenge while creating this series?
 Olga: Once I saw that this “studies” could be joined like a puzzle . It was such a conversation between two hands at every picture – they care, love, protect each other and at the same time all of them are linked – in a human that implied. And this hands relationships are very simple, elementary. Soon, pictures became words – give, you, love and so on. Probably, this words I should say a long time ago, but I never did. This serial artwork is about a mother.

DC: How long did it take you to complete the project? Olga: It took time. I started to vectorise first picture about a year ago. Every little thing could bring me down, there were months of doing nothing between pictures, I changed title of the series three or four times, but came back to very beginning – “an atomy” – and unfortunally, there is no correct Russian analog for this title. Sometimes it seemed like I’ll never finish this work – some new details, meanings, nuances, technics appeared and made it all endless. So I just stopped.