OFFF 2015 #finallyfuckingfifteen

More than a decade ago, OFFF was born as a festival. Today, OFFF is a way of understanding art. A way of life. Evolving and transforming. This time OFFF is celebrating its puberty age and it is #finalllyfuckingfifteenDesigncollector team join the celebration and will deliver you the latest information regarding the festival. Meanwhile head to the Ticket Section and secure your position in the near OFFFuture (Facebook).

Fifteen isn’t just an odd number, nor a year, nor a bunch of candles we’re blowing this May. Fifteen is this gigantic era of your life which you got to it once in your life and your whole world turned upside down: your first acne, your first lover, your first turn on, your first experience. That’s how the creative team at Atelier is presenting OFFF 15th Anniversary this year. It’s when you welcomed your innocence to a crazy world, it’s when you turned “Finally Fucking Fifteen”.