Magpul Ronin Motorbike

A few years ago the folks at Denver, Colorado-based Magpul gave us the Ronin concept bike, based on the American-built Buell 1125R. As rarely happens with concepts from smaller shops, Magpul is turning the Ronin into a limited edition production bike.

In keeping with its namesake, Magpul is only producing 47 Ronin bikes, one for each of the 47 Ronin Warriors from Japanese lore. Additionally, each bike will have one of the warriors’ names engraved on it, and on the bike’s toolkit. The bikes will be released in staggered series pricing out around the $40k USD mark. The earlier releases will be slightly less expensive, as the final five will each be a completely bespoke design. For more information head over to the bike’s official website.

text via Highsnobiety