DCMAG n°02 Digital Give Away

We give a FREE PDF or iBooks digital copy of our new printed magazine "DCMAG2" for the repost. Please check the rules and let the game begin.

[box]Choose the Level: 1. Make repost on Tumblr: http://tmblr.co/ZgXP_vcnQRtk 2. Or post a tweet: Please check the new 80-pages printed @designcollector magazine on http://dcmag.net #DCMAG2 3. Or make a post on your blog platform (any eg Livejournal, Blogger, etc) using materials from http://dcmag.net. Using few photos, small write up and links is a must. (Your followers list in any case must have over 100 friends)

Getting reward: Email me a proof-link or a screenshot with your action to designcollector@gmail.com and get your copy of PDF or iBooks Digital DCMAG2.[/box]

BOSS OF THE GAME: Get a FREE copy of the real Hard Printed Magazine to your door. You must be a design blogger with a standalone website on domain with more than 1000 followers on Facebook. Email me for a deal - designcollector@gmail.com :)


DCMAG2 Official: Buy Printed or Digital http://dcmag.net http://facebook.com/hellodcmag Appreciate on Behance