iCork Case for iPad by Pomm

Portuguese Pomm.Design.Studio has created an iCorkCase with a jaggy modern look made entirely of cork. The POMM - iCorkCase, at first sight, it hides its goal. Elegant and with a modern look, the eyes guess the forms and can’t resist it. Inspired by the merge of geometric shapes, the design is "simple and visually interesting”.

Our purpose was that design should also take in consideration that the transportation and protection of a gadget so important in our daily lives had to be a goal. "We have chosen cork due to its properties: it is durable, versatile and highly resistant to daily use, shock absorber and water resistant. Its modelling is easy, and it’s an ecological and biodegradable material." Pomm.design.studio implemented for the first time a geometric-design that goes beyond the formal visual plan.

“From the beginning we wanted to make something entirely new to revolutionize the standard products currently on the market”. To meet this goal, we have produced several models for the product development, to understand how it would work as a whole, the design was refined until reaching this final stage to meet the requirements of producing such an influential product.

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