Hyper-realistic iPad painting

When I was 5 years old I clearly remember a guy that was looking for us kids in a kidergarten. He owned an Edge-a-Sketch (actually its Soviet version called "Magic Screen") tool and did portraits while we had a siesta. That was impressive and realistic sketch portraits of his girlfriend (our nurse obviously) and I was wondering why he can do that and someone else cannot. That's how I got close to the definition "talent".I truly believe that no tools are the magic wand in the hand of creator but his talent and skills are. For trained oil painter and illustrator from UK Kyle Lambert an iPad is a tool and please have look what he did using only fingers and application Procreate. A hyper-realistic portrait of actor Morgan Freeman. Even after watching the video several times, you probably still won't believe that he created something so realistic using the same device your niece uses to play Angry Birds, so check out some bonus videos below for further proof.





Original photo of Morgan Freeman is made by Scott Gries

P.s. For those who cares, it believes that the video is not a fake, read the statement from Procreate CEO "There's been some controversy over the veracity of the Kyle Lambert painting video we shared earlier this week, and our CEO James has addressed these comments. Following the controversy we analysed the source file extensively, and determined that it is genuine. That this is hard to believe is testament to Kyle Lambert's exceptional work. Read the full statement here: http://procreate.si/press2/download.php?file=releases%2FKyleLambert-MorganFreeman.pdf "