Herotime by Lora Zombie

HEROTIME is a new fashion label and the creative canvas of artist Lora Zombie.


Born in a small town in Russia, in 1990, Lora Zombie was set on becoming an artist a very early age. The self-taught painter first gained recognition in the late 2000s as her work circulated online, reaching millions of people through blogs, news outlets and social media as well as on Designcollector (search).


In recent years, Lora has taken the gallery scene by storm with exhibitions in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Russia - bringing in the interest of collectors and fans worldwide. In 2010 Tom Co-Founded Eyes On Walls after seeing an opportunity in the market for publishing and promoting a collective of talented young visual artists, connecting their work with a new generation of art buyers. In the 4 years since then Eyes On Walls and Lora have created and sold hundreds of thousands of Prints, Limited Editions and Originals of Lora's work around the world. They also produced 3 solo art shows in Toronto (Canada), SoHo (New York) and Brooklyn (New York).



Creating Herotime

In the search of inspiration for a name for this new concept of a brand centered around Lora's artistic vision, we studied her vast archives of work.


Among countless other subjects and ideas, we found a frequent theme of superheroes portrayed as much more human than we are used to. Lora's superheroes were often depressed, distraught, unsure of themselves, and performing mundane everyday tasks instead of saving the world. On the other hand, the everyday characters in Lora's works were often the most brave, acting as you would expect superheroes would. Protecting innocence, facing fear, and overcoming adversity.


It was on the concept of these everyday heroes that the name and core principles of HEROTIME were born.

The Art of Herotime

Lora created an initial series of work building on the "Tom" panda character she created for the logo.


She also experimented for the first time with creating art designed specifically for apparel.


Herotime on Kickstarter

You can support Herotime on Kickstarter by pre-ordering sterling or golden "Rabbit Bomber" Pendants and other apparel as well as posters and different types of artwork.






Lora Zombie Selected Artworks