Google Web Lab by Bibliotheque

Google Web Lab is a series of interactive digital experiments, brought to life at the London Science Museum. It enables worldwide participation both online and from within the exhibition space, to control machines which explore and demonstrate a range of web technologies.


Bibliotheque created the environmental graphics and signage, working as part of the team alongside UniversalDesignStudio and MAP (the research and development design consultancy, founded by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby). The Web Lab website and identity were created by B-Reel, and the machines were built by Tellart.

Traffolyte panels introduce each of the 5 areas, and explain the science behind each experiment: Orchestra, Teleporter, Sketchbot, Data Tracer and the Lab Tag Explorer. Floor graphics aid navigation and visitor flow, helping create the feel of an experimental 'test area'. The exhibition is open at the Science Museum, London until June 2013.