Fotolia TEN 2013: Soongyu Gwon

Following the success of the 1st Season, Fotolia launches the 2 nd edition of the TEN Project, a creative, digital and educational event. Today Fotolia introduces Soongyu Gwon, the second digital artist of TEN, Season 2. After Argentinean Gustavo Brigante, Korean artist Soongyu Gwon unveils his digital creation, which will be available for free download in PSD format for 24 hours, on Friday, February 8th, on

A personal artwork, with Asian influences

Forever a passionate for art and design, Soongyu Gwon, who works as a Creation Director at D.FY Inc. Design Group in Seoul (South Korea), defines himself as a «digital image maker». The work and style of this man, who is above all in search of the deep meaning of things, materialize in his ultra-graphic, perfectly mastered works. Inspired and enriched with the 5,000 year-old Korean history, as well as with the traditional asian culture, close to Nature, his compositions also show the influence of contemporary arts: comics, fantastic and horror movies are Soongyu Gwon’s favorite genres, since he saw Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive” in high.

Unleash Imagination

“TEN, Season 2 was an opportunity to conceive a work without compromise, nor constraint, and to give free rein to my imagination”. Indeed, his artwork, entitled « Kentauros », which blends Greek mythology with fantasy, detonates and surprises. According to Soongyu Gwon : «Creativity is not about inventing what doesn’t exist, but about seeing in a new way what already does». He therefore doesn’t hesitate to represant the horseman (Centaur), famous for his brutality, as a pale and frail young girl : «I found the perfect young girl image on Fotolia. I replaced her legs with those of a foal, rather than those of a horse, to emphasize her fragility. The presence of crows increases tension, and generates fear. The dead tree branches create a protection around the Centaur. The three moons in the sky lend a fantastic atmosphere to the whole. I finished with adjusting the colours tone, and added some blue tone, to make the cold feel».

Valorize each particularity

Photography is Soongyu’s first choice raw material : «I spend a lot of time choosing an image, from which I emphasize the atmosphere and specificity, as they are in the original work, without special effects.». During the next months, he intends to learn working in 3D : «I can improve my ability to express my ideas through this powerful tool». The best is yet to come! By taking part in the TEN project, Soongyu Gwon opens a window on the world : «I admit I hesitated before entering the project, not being sure I’d have time to conciliate the making of this project with my clients’expectations. In the ended, I dived, because I very much want to show my work beyond the borders of my country».

Download PSD on 8 February