Diary of MU by Onur Senturk

Promotion video for Diary of MU directed by talented Onur Senturk. We asked Onur few questions regarding this work. DC: Who are "Diary of MU"? Onur: Diary of Mu is nonprofit organization that does interviews with artist, designers, film makers, musicians.

What was the main challenge you faced when directed this video? Onur: Technically It is my first high speed film shoot experience with set crew. On the other hand I want to reflect my point of view using a different medium. There is no CG involved in the making other than the logo in the end.

How long did you make this? Onur: Entire shooting done in one day. However it took one month preproduction production and post production.

Cinematographer : Kaan Hanoglu / Flow Studio Executive Producer: Mu Tunc Production : Ezel Domanic Model : Irmak ipek Altin Make-up : Seher Sanders Studio : Film Sokagi/Istanbul Music Company : ECHOLAB Composers : Gavin Little, Joe McHugh Sound Design : Gavin Little, Joe McHugh Film shot with Phantom high speed cameras.