Alba Prat

Alba Prat is a Spanish Fashion Designer from Barcelona who studies fashion design at Berlin University of Arts. Prat's final year project is making a lot of good noise in the fashion industry. Inspired by the first Tron film of 1982, she kept the futurist concept, androgynous aspect and straight silhouettes in her design pieces with the touch of the avant-garde glamour and under the futuristic shapes and laser-cuts.

The materials used are wool, leather, cotton and neoprene (a material that becomes our second skin and protects us when we are in the deep waters of the ocean).

The project "Synthetic Oceans" was created to be the final project of Prat's graduation year in Fashion at the German school University of Künste in Berlin. This represents the transition that the aquatic world experiences mixed with the result of the industrialization era.

It's a project focus in the hundreds of tons of plastic that are dumped in the middle of ocean every year creating serious and complicated situations for the living species that live in there and the need of adaptation that they have to don't be killed or die.

The collection "Synthetic Oceans is a ‘cold and dark atmosphere where the beauty of the mutations and the defense mechanisms that its inhabitants embrace is to be seen’.

We can see in the fashion pieces the resembling of the cubist movement, the clean line features and shapes in garments combined with chunky wedge boots with the use of grey, black and silver as a colour palette.

"Through different techniques I have created cube patterns on the surface of some of the materials. Giving the designs a technical yet minimalist character."

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