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Suggested Pledges

15$ - Public Post

With this reward you can showcase the best of your project on the Public Section of This pledge is perfect for design projects, graphic design promotions, illustrations, motion video showreels, etc. Your post automatically shares on Facebook and Twitter and stays on Designcollector’s Face in “Public section”

50$ - Designcollector Full Post

Get on Designcollector! Want to join 15yrs old creative blog?
It is your opportunity to post your new projects, case studies, motion designs, art, sculpture, kickstarters on the oldest and respectful design blog. Your post settles on Front page of (and in its categories) then shared on FacebookTwitter (repeats there in a week and in a month) and also stays on rebooted @Designcollector Instagram


15$ - Music video

In case of a music video submission (art, motion, music) it posted in our Music flow and shared on a satellite blog A native video URL goes directly to Facebook and Twitter and settles down on our Musicollector Vimeo Channel. In case of a Music Song promo we can share it on our Soundcloud too. Post also appears on Designcollector's Face in “Music Section”.

50$ - @Post.Visual Instagram

Get on our 45K “Visual Overdose” Instagram! 
Best and rare match for your image, photo, illustration or even animation to reach our 45K audience on Instagram. In 2019 we renamed Instagram to @post.visual giving a new breathe to the flow people like for lifestyle, inspiration and cheerful mood

You pay via Paypal after the review

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