Photography by @MalDeMar

Mauricio de la Garza Clariond is a young architect from Mexico travelling a lot between Americas and Europe. His Instagram portraying the daily life of modern nomad with an artistic twist, highly recommend to follow him on @maldemar. Also please check interview with Mauricio on Yatzer
















OFFF Mexico 2013 Titles

After three consecutive days of creativity, inspiration and hardcore talent; OFFF México has once again been a massive success this year. Starting with the touching speech by the brilliance of Héctor Ayuso, Josué Ibáñez and Alejandro Machorro, the audience experienced an endless journey shared with the dreamy work by Sougwen, the endless inspiration by Jessica Walsh, the experimental work by Julien Vallée and if we must say, the master of title sequences Kyle Cooper. Along with many other talented speakers, the audience ended their journey eager for another one in the next OFFF México in 2014. Naturally, the OFFF experience includes brilliant main titles and this time OFFF México introduced us to Jorinna Scherle; a young director and designer known for her unique style of work. Causing the beautiful audience to request to play it more than once, the main titles this year were new and experimental along with the collaboration of Ben Lukas Boysen with his remarkable work.


New updates from Monterrey, Mexico based branding design agency Anagrama"Ideas exchanged generate constant inspiration. Different points of view, opposite focus conciliation and comprehension of our own views, complement our success. That is why we open our doors with the best attitude to continuously collaborate with the press and education."

OFFF Mexico 2012 Main Titles

As you may know our favourite festival OFFF just took a place in Mexico for Day Tour revealing awesome artist public speeches and presentation. Along with this gifted director Rob Chiu shoot the Main Titles of the festival... Six friends, coming of age at the end of the world...

Omar Ortiz art

It seems hyper realistic art is getting popular this days. We present you the breathtaking erotic canvases of Omar Ortiz

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