Last week I was invited by Digitized festival to reveal Russian digital independent startups. The intensive one-day festival happens once a year in the middle of Ancient Greek spot - Athens. Beautiful atmosphere of ancient architecture and culture transforms smoothly to the digital presence we were involved during last Saturday, on 27th of September. My pretty short but detailed speech revealed Russian projects like Glitche, Anti-Selfie, Coub, Readymag and Cirqle. Antiselfie beat the scene and went viral through the audience in the first minutes of presentation. I was happy to have real opening titles for my talk. They were gracefully created by my friends from NORD Collective and was warm welcomed by the audience. To summarise I was pretty happy to reveal Russian artists and creators to the new public, especially in this hard times for Russian reputation dropping dramatically world wide. This was the 3rd time I spoke on the festival and I am keen to continue revealing the power of Russian-speaking artists world wide.

Official titles http://vimeo.com/107382204

Designcollector Titles http://vimeo.com/107754494

digitzed14-vesnin-digitzed digitzed14-vesnin-glitche digitzed14-vesnin-antiselfie digitzed14-vesnin-coub digitzed14-vesnin-cirqle digitzed14-vesnin-team

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