WU LYF – Spitting Blood

Posted by prettyinpink on 31 08 2011 14:37 · in Musicollector

A sheer outcry of the soul towards the world, yearning for acceptance, longing for a place called home. WU LYF, standing for World Unite: Lucifer Youth Foundation, echo the lost youth trying to get hold of their own spiritual belief, cause a revolution, cause a change. The Manchester four piece feverishly sing, with a sense of despair and hope, their life anthem “And then we all go throw up on the poor/ Outside I’m lying/inside I’m dead/ The tears in my eyes/ fall from books I have read/ If I could talk to you/ And only speak the truth/ All this wolf noise wouldn’t start calling now/ when I talk to you/ when I talk to you”. A brilliant, truthful, surreal, delirious record Go Tell Fire To The Mountain should not be missed. One of the best bands this year.

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