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The Blackmail – On The Way Back Home

Posted by prettyinpink on 27 06 2012 15:04 · in Musicollector, TOP 2012


Influenced by The Smiths, Interpol and The Departure these smiling lads from Minsk, Belarus are playing fast-paced post-punk with a Franz Ferdinandiesque playfulness and zeal. Formed four years ago they came a long way from not playing any musical instruments to having two EP’s and one full album out. What separates them from the infinite number of post-punk wannabees out there is their vigourous rythm-section and amazing live performances, making even the the most non-dancy person stand up and wiggle a bit. Teamed up with Ben Daniels of Sunny Day In Glasgow, The Blackmail produced a great summer anthem to accompany you these coming months. In the near future the band hopes to release a new album and go on a European tour.



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