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Kazakov Ilya

Ilya Kazakov illustration

If you ask what is the state with characters illustration in Russia we’d definitely shows this guy first. Ilya Kazakov one of the most productive illustrator on Russian illustration scene has already completed more than a thousand of works and most of them made for commercial FMCG companies in Russian and overseas.

The Book: Russian Illustration WOW 2!


Editor: Arseny Vesnin
Curators: Elena Dolgova, Natalie Ratkovsky, Art_Zu, Sanchos Yohanson и Fil Dunsky


Designcollector Network continues a series of a book revealing Russian-speaking illustrators and graphic designers. We hold a call for entries and preselected 100 new names (beside 60 names from our 1st book). Here you see the Second book fill up with 29 new illustrators portfolio and personal presentation.

This unique books can serve as a database for any illustration agency or whatever related. All illustrators can be contacted directly from a book pages :)he book is released solely by Blurb.com “book-on-demand” service and we don’t have responsibilities for its delivery and printing quality. But comparing with our First book – the quality is just Awesome!



Format: 25×20 cm
Title: Russian Illustration WOW! Vol.2
Publisher: Designcollector via Blurb.com
Size: 120 pages
Cover: Softcover


Anya Aleksandrova, Alexey Andreev, Elena Antonova, Aleksey Barhan, Andrey Davidovsky, Karina Eibatova, Fil Dunsky, Olga Feldman, Oksana Grivina, HonkFu, Svetlana Ikhsanova, Ilya Kazakov, Yana Klochkova, Alexey Kurbatov, Alena Lavdovskaya, Irina Markovskaya, Victor Melamed, Iv Orlov, Oleg Paschenko, Tatiana Perminova, Denis Popenkov, Sergei Ratnikov, Eugenia Rusnak, Sveta Shubina, Natalia Sinegina, Oleg Tischenkov, Ekaterina Toropygina, Timofey Yarzhombek and Nastya Zabrodina



Simple Figures art contest

Simple Figures” is an open contest where you use basic figures – circle, square and triangle to create a unique set by filling it with your creations and ideas. As a result a randomizer creates a nice sets of creatures. Created by Tim Yarzhombek and curated by Ilya Kazakov.

“Simple Figures” – открытый арт-конкурс, в основе которого лежит принцип заполнения иллюстрациями простых трех базовых фигур – треугольника, квадрата и круга. В результате получается веселый генератор случайных картинок, приносящий успех и радость в ваш дом. Создатель проекта – Тим Яржомбек, куратор – Илья Казаков

Ilya Kazakov

Илья в первую голову талантливый иллюстратор. Кажется и семи ста картинок представленных в портфолио не хватит, чтобы обозреть весь талант автора. А во вторую голову, Илья автор небольших, но уникальных проектов, к примеру Creatizm.

Talented Russian illustrator Ilya Kazakov shows enormous amount of graphic and illustration on his site.

25 Russian illustrators on Behance

Designcollector has selected 25 RUSSIAN ILLUSTRATORS found on Behance Network at “Made In Russia” circle.

Check them all under the cut.

“Art” by Merdanchik


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