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St. Petersburg Timelapse by Sasha Alexandrov

Our collection of timeplapse video top up by a new one featuring the beauty of Saint Petersburg (actually the third one on our site, check first and second). This video is made by…


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2010 Top 100

Magnitka time lapse by Sasha Alexandrov

The steel heart of Russia (hence soon to be abandoned eco-panic factory region) the motherland of steam punk and yet a honor and shame of a country – Magnitka in Magnitigorsk city. Wikipedia says: Magnitogorsk was mentioned in the Blacksmith Institute’s 2006 survey of the world’s worst polluted cities, placed in the report’s unranked list of the 25 most polluted places outside the top ten.
That’s a fact. And now take a look at mesmerizing time-lapse made by moscovian photographer Sasha Aleksandrov.
Made with no special technics, only with one camera and perspiration video is captivating and featuring the modern life of Magintka blacksmith monster.

Московский фотограф, специалист по цейтраферной съемке (time lapse) Саша Александров сделал завораживающее видео, посвященное “монстру” российской промышленности – Магнитке.


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