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SSENSE Issey Miyake by Thomas Traum

SSENSE commissioned Thomas Traum studio to create a short CGI film to reveal the technological splendor of the Homme Plissé Issey Miyake Spring 2016 Collection. We reimagined the clothing focusing on the line’s…


Fashion Photography by Elizaveta Porodina

Germany based fashion photographer Elizaveta Porodina is back with a new captivating series of portraits made for EIKON // OE Magazine


Misplaced by Anton Repponen

“Misplaced Series is a project that takes notable New York buildings from their existing surrounding environments and inserts them into desolate locations out of context. By sequestering these structures from the hustle that…


Flocks Nir Arieli

Photographer Nir Arieli captures what happens dancers let go of the precision, the control, the stamina — and simply be. The series is titled “Flocks,” which, in the artist’s native language of Hebrew,…


The Others by Hiroshi Kondo

“Hiroshi Kondo captures the the energy and the loneliness of living in such a vast metropolis in his experimental short, The Others. The slit-scanning film bends time and place into a moving portrait…


Velocipedia by Gianluca Gimini

“Back in 2009, Gianluca Gimini picked up an unusual hobby. The Bologna-based Italian-American designer started approaching his friends — and complete strangers — and asking them to draw a bicycle from memory…By 2016,…


The Abstract Architecture Photography of Matthieu Venot

“Matthieu Venot is a self-taught French photographer whose pictures capture the urban environment in a most graphic and transformative of ways. Focusing on the part rather than the whole, his photographs abstract his…


Altar by Chad Wys

“Altar” is a new visual art research and reflection by young artist Chad Wys on a “Great Genius” like R.Lichtenstein and his close up imperfection of perfect artworks.


Illustration of Sofia Bonati

Artist Sofia Bonati (Instagram) creates portraits of enchanting women with a look of mystery in their eyes. She attributes the development of her surrealist style to the likes of Charles Bragg, and takes…


The Ballpoint Pen Art by Andrey Poletaev

Andrey Poletaev is a self-taught artist who specializes in ballpoint pen art and graphics and creates some of the most technically complex artworks in the area of Cityscapes investing between 200 and 300…


Laurent Kronental Photography “Souvenir d’un Futur”

“First I wanted to document the people who live there, but when I began to photograph their daily lives I started to focus more and more on the buildings. The idea was to…


The Happy Film

The happiest designer in the world Stefan Sagmeister is about to debut his long waited The Happy Film at the Tribeca Film Festival happening now. If you have been to OFFF Festivals in…


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all-day 99U Conference 2016
99U Conference 2016
May 5 – May 6 all-day
99U Conference 2016 @ Lincoln Center
The goal of the 99U Conference is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution. Providing road-tested insights on how to make your ideas happen. We bring together some of the...
all-day OFFF 2016 Barcelona
OFFF 2016 Barcelona
May 26 – May 28 all-day
OFFF 2016 Barcelona @ DHUB
During the past 15 years, we’ve been trying to define what OFFF really represents. OFFF has proudly joined artists such as Joshua Davis, Stefan Sagmeister, John Maeda, Neville Brody, Kyle Cooper, The Mill,...

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