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OFFF Istanbul 2012

Posted by Arseny Vesnin on 09 03 2012 13:05 · in Events, OFFF, OFFF 2012, Turkey

OFFF post-digital culture festival apart from main event has its own Days on Tour. This March OFFF settled on the shores of Bosphorus at Istanbul. Our friend, Behance Ambassador Turkey and one-day Designcollector Press – Gokhun Guneyhan visited OFFF Istanbul 2012 and brought us news. And we give a word to him:

In its 12th year, after visiting many other big cities, OFFF has finally happened in Istanbul where people were eagerly waiting for this day.

Starting with the Dutch motion design team Onesize on Friday night right before the openning party; OFFF Istanbul hosted speakers from almost all disciplines.



Spanish design studio based in Barcelona, was a nice call for everyone to forget about sleeping on Saturday morning. Showcasing what spills out from their creative minds, including Adobe Touch apps and main titles of OFFF Cincinnati; Vasava was like a warm wind coming from Mediterranean to the cold weekend of Istanbul.

Falk and Sun's

Falk & Sun’s

Founded by Falk Eumenn from Germany and San Komen from Korea, Falk & Sun’s helped the atendees to wake up with their energy! With a team of 50 people based in Amsterdam, working on various disciplines, had their second speech at OFFF after 2011 Barcelona; and they preferred telling more about their experiences and lessons they have learnt; such as anger management with various tools, how to think big and then making things bigger or not to panic when something strange happens because it always happens. Although they only mentioned in the last minutes, their project on gay marriage called “I do”, referring “I amsterdam” is worth checking.



After the lunch break, imagine how Turkish cuisine may make you beg for a nap, Hi-Res was on top of their form to amaze the crowd. Florian Schmitt and Andreas Müller opened our horizons’ with exceptional case studies from online projects to interactive experiences while they also mentioned the fact that sometimes we should do something different than the usual to have a rest, like they did in “Style Zeitgeist”. Also they had a little conversation over technology, whether always follow it or forget about it sometimes. At the end, for many people, it was nice to discover who created the interactive audio/video project for Doritos called “Late Night“, which they made in 2010 in several countries including Turkey…

The Mill

The Mill

As spectators were already boosted with Hi-Res’ creativity, Tony Volpe and Carl Addy were on the stage to shake Istanbul, focusing on the making of MTV and the Dark Arts, the exceptional projects that you wouldn’t like to miss. Mentioning key steps of both projects with interviews during the whole process during, as well as their other projects such as Absolut Blank and advices for open source technologies from Cinder to WebGL; The Mill gave a super-informative talk for everyone.


(HKI) Hellohikimori

Starting with an epic talk on the game they created for The Walking Dead’s launch in France, Paris based digital agency Hellohikimori gave us a surprise audio-visual interactive main titles created with Web-GL and iPad, just before the main titles they made for OFFF Istanbul, which was strangely calming. Less words,

Neville Brody

Without any doubt, like every single person I talked days before OFFF Istanbul, everybody was waiting to see Neville Brody on the stage; and he took the control for a mind blowing presentation on how different typography can be understood by different creative minds and from different angle of views. Showcasing almost a hundred outstanding examples of typefaces and print designs, created with negative spaces or unexpected patterns; it was a visual feast that made the day unforgettable.

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis

As usually, Joshua Davis was on the stage for the closing speech with his extraordinary performance. Started with how much he loves this city and what he bought the day before by talking about the patterns of the carpets, he went on how he creates unbelievable pieces by combining several patterns he creates and mixes in his software. In his own style; once again he made us remember how much it is important to fail, and learn from the failures. As data visualizing is one his favourite subjects; “The Face of Watson” was a great project to see and listen the backstage of the process.


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