Modern Sculpture Inspiration

Posted by Arseny Vesnin on 23 05 2011 01:25 · in Inspiration Sets, Modern Sculpture Sets, Sculpture, STAFF PICKS

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If we look back to the history of arts, the state of a sculpture has been always staying for the mental message of an epoch. Wherever it was tied with any theological concept, aesthetic meaning of life or practical needs. Lets take a look at the modern sculpture and think a bit how it inspires and what senses it calls out.

Joshua Webb

Stephane Vigny

Emil Alzamora

Gregor Gaida

Chie Aoki

Romulo Celdran

Youjin Lee

Laurent Craste

Michael Parekowhai

Emil Alzamora 2

Kim Joon

Robert Malee

Thom Puckey

Yvonne Lee Schultz

Dominic Wilcox

Carole Feuerman

Forza Mat

Ronit Baranga


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