OFFF Barcelona 2015 Main Titles by Signalnoise and Onesize

After Hector Ayuso had put Onesize in touch with graphic artist James White (aka Signalnoise) to collaborate on OFFF Barcelona 2015 Main Titles, the question arose: "How will the styles ever mix?" They chose to give the audience a souvenir by printing the titles in the form of a card deck. Fifty three designs were made by James White and his team (back in Canada), while Onesize developed two 80s TV Commercials, selling the card deck and promising a better life for dysfunctional families.This film tells a story about Jason, a boy who bought this deck of cards 30 years ago as a last resort to save his family. It all turned out quite different for him and he blames Sean - the kid in the commercials - whose "no losers, only winners” catchphrase has eaten through Jason’s life like a cancer. Now, in present time, Jason’s journey of revenge is coming to a close. Before the film was shown to the audience at the festival, over 2000 printed versions of the card game where handed out to every single person in the room as "take-away titles".

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