Best of the Year 2012

Time to look back at what is happened in creative world in the past year. From the few thousands posts our team (Arseny, Jekka, Xavier and Alex) did this year we selected the most interested ones based on some magic ratings. If we summarize the year we select its main trend as a "Hand" - everything unique made with hands from barber shop signs to pen drawn walls. To complete the year we are going to release the second issue of our Printed DesignCollector Magazine (DCMAG2) next January, so stay tuned through Facebook. P.s. there will be no posts today, so please enjoy Top 2012 posts!

P.s.s. Worth to mention that during this year we have doubled our friends on Facebook cross Designcollector Network special projects like:, Visual Overdose, Musicollector and other social networks like Instagram or Twitter. Our Vimeo channel Designcollector TV went to their Top 10 and is one of the most viewable on the network. We also started Musicollector Channel there and its supporting Twitter account @musicollector.