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Iryna Gorelikova fashion graduation

Posted by Arseny Vesnin on 28 06 2012 10:35 · in Art, Fashion, Portfolios, Russia, STAFF PICKS, Ukraine, United Kingdom


Designcollector is a place for revealing upcoming artist and cares more when it comes to cover new stars from Russian-speaking community. This time we want to feature fresh fashion graduate from Ravensbourne, London; London College Of Fashion – Iryna Gorelikova. Born in Sebastopol, Ukraine, Iryna first completed same university as me in Saint-Petersburg (SUTD). Worth to mention some coincidence that another university fellow and quite famous London fashion designer David Koma was in jury for Iryna. Clap-clap-clap.

Iryna Gorelikova

Iryna Gorelikova collection, Ravensbourne 2012

Reflecting today’s time, worldwide crises, natural disasters, the rapid growthof social media is the evidence that the world is transforming into new forms of reality.

A dissertation written, with the lead question ‘What is Innovation in Fashion Today? Rei Kawakubo’s phenomenon’, visited lectures in Economics at LSE and Alan Moor’s ‘No straight Lines: making sense of our non-linear world’ talk, were found as primary sources for the main concept for the final collection. The study shows that the world changes from linear to nonlinear existence and one of the most successful business companies today, due to a crisis condition, the Lego Group, with its flagship product, Lego constructor. Lego consists of colourful interlocking plastic bricks and various other parts. After this case study a ‘LEGO concept’ has been found. The main colour of the collection is black and represents our current linear world in combination with other bright colours, like colourful Lego bricks, that are hidden inside of garments (lining) represent the ‘non-linear world’. The use of special metal buttons that by their shape are very similar to Lego bricks, which give to garments a feeling of bricks of clothes that can be assembled and connected in many ways. Anything constructed can be taken apart again. For instance, a dress can be deconstructed into a skirt and a jumpsuit, and so on.

A classical school of pattern making appears in the heart of each look which during the process of FMP development transforms and reflects today’s shapes and silhouettes.
Main techniques and features used for building the collection are hand sewing, felting, mixed texture of black fabrics; hats and rings as accessorises.

Autumn/Winter Avant-garde /Concept womenswear Collection is based on, luxury production, expensive fabrics: different types of wool, cashmere; textured, thickness.

RAVENSBOURNE 2012 LIVE: Gala Fashion Show
Skip to 36:00 for Iryna Gorelikova collection

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