Interview: Sorin Bechira

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Interview: Sorin Bechira

We starting our brand new section with interviews

Experienced graphic and multimedia designer – Sorin Bechira showcases as a true artist passionate to details and inspiration. Currently he is a Creative Director at slashTHREE art-group; Art Director at X3 Studios and a proud member of The KDU Network.

What first attracted you to digital art?

I was attracted first by traditional art, especially engraving techniques, but the lack of time forced me to work quicker and cleaner so I went digital. But in the end, if the art and the message are good, the medium doesn’t matter at all. I still like to combine different mediums in order to achieve unique results.

You were born in Romania. Have you ever been inspired by its famous mythology or spirituality?

Not really, to be honest. Our mythology is beautiful indeed but I’m not attracted by it to represent it into my artworks. But I like to combine legends and mythological stories from different nations. Combining them you may come with great results. I always like to combine things in unusual ways, I always like to experiment both conceptual and technical wise.

Interview: Sorin Bechira

What was the most inspiring moment in your artist career? Any extraordinary insights?

The most spectacular moments were when I was asleep. A few years ago I used to dream that I’m flying and I could control the flights (flying by myself, without any mechanical stuff, flying like a bird). I used to fly over fantasy lands and real places too. The words can’t describe those feelings. Those were the most beautiful moments and most inspiring. But for 2 years now I’m not flying in my dreams anymore. Maybe because I’m pretty stressed lately but I’m not going to lose my hope that I will be able to dream those kind of dreams again.

I have mentioned many references to abstract composition in your latest works. Can you state it as your manner?

I like to have different approaches and I have various techniques. Yes lately I like to make abstract compositions because they are the basis of a good composition, and therefore the path to a good artwork. I like also to play with abstract shapes because almost every user can see what he wants to see in those compositions and this is all about, to let the user be an active part of my artworks when looking at them, to let him dive into the artwork details and every time to make new connections and to see different things. I also liked to work only black and white for a period of time because working in b/w only makes me concentrate only on shapes, volumes and contrasts. It was a nice exercise for me to develop my skills and to communicate with the viewer. But on the other hand I have nice fantasy like environments that are most digital matte-paintings, so I playing with realism too.

Interview: Sorin Bechira

Have you inspired by famous abstraction artists or philosophers? What art or an artist you prefer?

I like the art that makes you think, that makes you discover new and fascinating things, that reaches your deepest feelings, so I’m a big fan of surrealism, followed closely by cubism, deconstructionism, art-nouveau and romanticism. These are the art currents that inspires me, trough their most prolific exponents, of course.

How you build your career? Recently you combine art director position in local company and in SlashTHREE project, how you manage that?

I like to combine design and art. It make me think better. So as an art director at one of the best design studios in Romania (X3 Studios), I’m keeping my focus on design related and client oriented tasks, things that needs to communicate in the most efficient and creative possible way, and after work time, I’m taking my artist clothes, start creating art that makes people wonder and delight their visual senses and also helping slashTHREE art community. It’s a pleasure to do it because I’m working and I’m surrounded by great colleagues and great friends. So it’s very natural and easy for me to do it because I’m doing it form all my heart.

Interview: Sorin Bechira

We are following freemasonry Keystone Design Union and being a part of it. And also you became it member. What are your expectations from collaboration with the KDU?

Yes, I recently joined The KDU. I’m hoping , beside making new friends among their respectful artists/designers, also to be able to make top notch art and design related commissions to keep and to contribute to the high standards that The KDU used their clients with.

I heard you have been featured in diverse number of design magazines. Can you tell us the benefits?

The main benefits and that my artworks are seen by a large amount of viewers and this is all I want, to share my artworks with the world, because art is made for sharing with the others.

Interview: Sorin Bechira

Are you happy with combining managing and creative positions at one time? Is that hard? Or are you still more artistic person?

Yes, as I already explained before, I like to combine the rational side (design) with the emotional side (art) of visual expression. It give me the right amount of balance that I need. Also it keeps away many frustrations that most of designers have: that they can’t make more artistic approaches in their design commissions, or the artists that want to make design related work besides artworks. So it helps me very much to fulfill my dreams and keeps me sharp.

Interview: Sorin Bechira

Many artists have a distinct path plotted for their career, while others remain flexible in their approach. In your case, what do you hope to achieve, creatively and personally, over the next five years?

I don’t like to think so much in the future because if I’m planning big things, I will lose the details and as we all know, it’s all in the details. I like give it 100% on every task and be satisfied only with the best solution. So I’m a perfectionist, I’m restless, but I always be a dreamer. And if I’m playing good, good things will come in return. So I’m pretty open regarding my future.

Interview: Sorin Bechira

You have collaborated with Designcollector Network not that long. How did you find us? And how you identify us?

Yes indeed, we had a nice collaboration a few weeks ago and I must say that I love the initiatives that you make inviting artists to take an active part of your Network. I love to see how DesignCollector is interacting with the best digital artists around to give their viewers and fans high quality artworks and inspirations, because the interaction between people is the most important thing that we can do and must do. And you are doing that in a great way!
So I’m always open to new collaborations and fun projects. :)

Thank you!

Thank you too for giving me this honor!

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