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EIMIC – Brittle Crystal

Posted by Arseny Vesnin on 02 06 2012 12:15 · in Motioncollector, Musicollector, Russia


Russian electronic band EIMIC (Everything is Made in China) released a new music video directed by Ilya Kolesnikov. He spoke with Designcollector about the project, please read and watch music ahead

Designcollector: What is all about?

Ilya Kolesnikov: I hope most people will understand the meaning of the video. Through a number of small, and sometimes grotesque details, you can see a protagonist, a person, who is constantly being bombarded with an endless multitude of information of all sorts. The person often has no chance to withstand it and has to take a dive into it, but there is still a core of some kind in such a person, a crystal, solid and beautiful.

DC: What was the main challenge while creating this video?

Ilya: I wanted to create a video as a part of the song (like vocals or drums), a layer you can not separate from from the rest. Another goal was to make perception of the song more vivid and sharp.

DC: How long did it take to create a video?

Ilya: The main conclusion I came up with after finishing the video is that animation is the least artful of arts. Creative process ends right after you had come up with an idea, then it`s just a grind. It took me about a year to finish the video. The main idea emerged in the Summer of 2011, the time the song was written. Since then I had been creating the video piece by piece. The process was very exhausting and I had to take breaks.


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