Visual Dose: March 29, 2016 at 03:48AM

(March 29, 2016 at 03:48AM)

Photo by @1924us ( just got off the most impacting phone call I’ve had this year. Some of you may know Ajaz Ahmed and his inspiring works, but if not I highly recommend going and looking for an hour or so ( just to rejuvenate your spirit.

Now, Ajaz and I met via the Internet through some pretty serendipitous circumstances but we just heard each others voices for the first time. And in the midst of allllll the incredibly stressful, difficult, sad, dark, depressing and worrisome things we deal with on a day to day basis - he pushed me to ask a question.

Before I ask it, I want to say try to strip away your biases, your attitudes and your faiths. I can assure you, these traits aren’t bad things, but this question works better from as unbiased a viewpoint as possible.

Think about these things: in lieu of all the negative things we surround ourselves with, both voluntarily and not, how can we encourage others?

Beyond inspiration and beautiful things, how do we encourage each other to feel, be, do better?

Ok the real question:

If you could sit right here, fresh pot of tea, coffee or whatever waiting for you, typewriter ready… Imagine everyone in the world could read it. You can answer this is in any language, any way, but we strongly suggest using positivity, kindness, community and humanity as a basis.

What is one sentence you would write that would encourage anyone who reads it?

Once you have written yours, go through and read the other answers. We hope your spirits are lifted up and that you all have a fantastic day.

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