Visual Dose: March 12, 2016 at 11:58PM

(March 12, 2016 at 11:58PM)

Photo by @globemakers (“They go everywhere! I actually just took one over to Brazil recently. I was lucky enough to be going there, so I delivered it. We’ve sent them all over the world, though. But I’d say one of the most interesting places is India. If we send a globe there and it has the wrong border on it, then I could be put in prison for six months! You have to make sure the border is done as the Indian government sees the border — if you send it incorrectly, it’s bad news. There’s a disputed border there, so you have to just be aware. It’s just a little tiny border, so it’s not difficult to do on the map… we just have to make sure it happens! That’s why we’ve got a bank of computers. We have files with different borders, new updates, changes with states and names. They also have gone to movie sets, TV shows, and bands. We just got one back yesterday from the band Rudimental here in London. They wanted one for their new music video”

Interview with Peter Bellerby

Photo by @sebastianboettcher for @fvonf

80cm handcrafted terrestrial globe