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Aleksandra Domanović

Aleksandra Domanović deals with sculpture that echoes monuments from the past from her native (former) Yugoslavia. While some sculptures take on more traditional forms of post-Communist leaders, the Berlin-based artist also began experimenting…


Experimental Art of Chad Wys

”My artwork is also, at its core, an experimentation in composition, color, and form,” says Wys. “Through a variety of mixed media I have chosen as my inspiration a color palette that is…


Sculptures by Michael James Talbot

Beautifully oxidized bronze sculptures of elongated women by Michael Talbot


Hedi Xandt

Jaw dropping sculptures from Germany based artist Hedi Xandt


Vinyl Skulls by Ted Riederer

An avid lover of music and art, Ted Riederer created these skull forms by placing vinyl records atop a plaster skull mold and melting them down. The record label molds perfectly around the…


Marble Clothes by Alex Seton

Alex Seton is a Sydney-based artist best known for his realistic sculptures carved from marble. In the selection below, we explore Seton’s recreations of everyday clothing like hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts done in…


Michael Johansson art

Sweden contemporary artist Michael Johansson among numerous of excellent installation works has “Some Assembly Required” and “TOYS’R’US” projects that attracted our attention.


Sculptures by Gosia

Currently living and working in Toronto, artist Gosia recently completed work on a series of beautiful sculpted busts made from polymer clay and gypsum


David Mesguich 2013

New works from French sculptor David Mesguich


Bruno Walpoth sculpture

Italian artist Bruno Walpoth creates these unbelievably lifelike sculptures of people and detailed human body with wood


Sculpture by Willy Verniger

The wooden scupltures of Italy born Willy Verniger appearing simultaneously lifelike and whimsical. The sculptures are dipped in bold colors and patterned, adding some amount of surrealism.


Damned Lamp by Luc Merx

Designed by Dutch architect Luc Merx, the Damned.MGX chandelier was produced using additive layered fabrication as one piece. It appears as a hovering mass of writhing nudes – opulent and bombastic – and…


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