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Sponsor: Depositphotos on Maria Aristidou’s Coffee Paintings

A Cypriot artist and fashion designer draws heroes of pop culture with the help of coffee — as her water colors.


50 Foods in 50 Days by CJ Hendry

Talented drawing artist CJ Hendry (previously) just finished a huge project wherein she drew a brand new drawing every single day for 50 days of different types of food on gorgeous Hermes plates.


Raul Alejandro Cabrera Ruiz

Paris-based architect Raul Alejandro Cabrera Ruiz has a killer eye for details and especially the ones from urban landscape. Following the aphorism “God is in the details” once said by Ludwig Mies van…


Post-Soviet Pin Up by Kathrin Longhurst

Raised in East German Kathrin lived in many European countries and finally settled down in Australia. Her works reflect the diverse cultural background and strongly influenced by Communist era, but personally I’d call…


Gabor Erdelyi captures Life on a Bench for a Year in Barcelona

Spanish photographer Gabor Erdelyi came up with a simple idea for capturing some of the life in the beautiful city of Barcelona: photograph a seaside bench for a year. In the Barceloneta area…


Sergey Makhno Architecture

Sergey Makhno has completed “Buddy’s House,” a home located in Horenychi, Ukraine.


Drawings in Space by Janusz Grünspek

German artist Janusz Grünspek created wireframes of everyday objects with a thin wooden sticks and a bit of glue.


Product Design by Jenny Pokryvailo

Designer Jenny Pokryvailo (born in St Petersburg, raised, studied and now working in Israel) came up with this amusing concept for a series of towels that when properly folded resemble different types of…


Pablo López Luz Photography

The man behind “Mexico City From Above” epic photo – Pablo López Luz has a lot of good urban and city photography to share with you on www.pablolopezluz.com


Artist Samantha Everton Covers A Building In Her Work

Australian artist Samantha Everton, worked with the architecture practice Kavellaris Urban Design, to create the façade of this new building in Melbourne, Australia. The mixed-use building is called “2 Girls,” and features Everton’s…


Tiny Bottle Lamps by Steve Gates

Designed by Steve Gates and sold on SUCK UK, this tiny LED Bottle lamp lasts for three hours. After that, you need to charge it for an hour.


Sculpture by Xavier Veilhan

Internationally recognised French sculptor Xavier Veilhan creates human scale anthropomorphic works. You may find a lot of them in his portfolio meanwhile check what we selected below


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