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Designcollector Podcast 58 by Night Drive Radio (II)

Our Musicollector friend Jean-Michel Do Vale founder of Night Drive Radio did a second Mixtape for Designcollector Podcast #58.


Designcollector Podcast 57 by JCB1, France

French DJ Jacob I released an awesome, bouncy mixtape number 57 for Designcollector Podcast. Enjoy the beats!


Designcollector Podcast 56 by Echonomist

Get in the mood of creative work with latest mixtape from Greek deejay and electronic music composer Echonomist


Podcast 55 by Explorers UK

Hailing from Sheffield, England this duo named The Explorers makes experimental alternative pop with a bit of a melancholy edge. We asked guys to come up with inspirational mixtape comfortable for designers working overnight. Enjoy the mix!


Designcollector Podcast 54 by Jokari

Jokari is a duo from Switzerland composed of Loïc Sottas and Vincent “Poney” Kolly. We asked guys to make a special midsummer mixtape!


Designcollector Podcast 53 by Night Drive Radio

Insomnia generator – Night Drive Radio is an awesome collection of “your mood is my mood” mixtapes for web surfers and designers catching a muse on 3 AM. After listening literally all their 32 available episodes we asked Jean-Michel Do Vale – man behind the radio to give our audience a chance to enjoy brand new mixtape crafted for Designcollector Podcast. Enjoy!


Designcollector Podcast 52 by Overbolds

Woop Woop, energetic mix number 52 shaken by Russian electronique composer known as Overbolds in music and as Hypnosky in design (and as a shy boy Fill Ryabchikov in real life).


Designcollector Podcast 51 – Live Mixtape by Olga Bohan

Russian DJ Olga Bohan also known as Fashioncollector bloggess released fresh minimal electro mixtape “Little Live Mixtape 2012” recorded live on vinyl. We included it to our Designcollector Podcast


9 Years: Designcollector Podcast 50

Right in time for our 9th we release our jubilee Mixtape number 50! Lovely house wibes mixed by Oslo based designer and deejay Loïc Dupasquier who also designed the cover using the artwork of Lotie our friend and illustrator from Paris!


Designcollector Podcast 49 – Special Mix by Equateur

French electro duo released a Special Mixtape for Designcollector Podcast. Equateur is made up of Charles Rocher and Romain Nouhi. It’s an Electro New Wave parisian Band. They blend rock, electro and hip hop influences to create a unique sound.


Designcollector Podcast 48 by Timo Camillo

Russian music doer, producer and deejay Timo Camillo send us exclusive deep house Mixtape.


Designcollector Podcast 47 by Dj Mashinka

Let’s warm up this part of Earth with latest Designcollector Mixtape 47 brought by Dj Mashinka from Kyiv. Lovely tunes and warm waves… enjoy!


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