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Marcos Rivas Photography

Young Parisian photographer Marcos Rivas shares his visual stories on Flickr and personal website


Sponsor: Subtle Motion to Flavor Your Blog. Download the Full Set of Cinemagraphs for Free

Cinemagraphs or animated photographs are still images that have a living moment inside of them. Subtle looping motion turns such photos into ever magnetizing, thus giving them strong marketing potential. All cinemagraphs are…


Mom Captures Childhood of Her Sons – Elena Shumilova

Last year, Elena Shumilova took photos of her sons as they played by the Russian countryside. She uploaded the photos online, then they started getting shared, and shared again… until they became a…


Fotolia Inspiration Set #5 Spring

Summer is coming! Our good friends and hosting partners Fotolia photobank asked me to make an inspiration set from their photography sources. Enjoy it and join Fotolia for a chance to get good…


Andreas Lie Merges Animals And Their Homes In Double Exposure Photographs

Andreas Lie (Instagram) makes animal art via the effect that scared anyone who has ever had a film camera – double exposure. His work combines pictures of animals with their natural surroundings, resulting…


Alana Dee Haynes

Alana Dee Haynes (Instagram) is a Brooklyn-based artist who turns the bodies of her photographed subjects into illustrated surfaces, transforming blank skin and clothing into undulating patterns and shapes.


Telling Stories Without Words with @omarzrobles

Text via Instagram blog: “You are telling stories visually and without the need of words,” explains freelance street and dance photographer Omar Z. Robles (@omarzrobles), who is originally from Puerto Rico but now…


Brandon Kidwell

Few posts ago we stated that found double-exposure technique a bit boring but hey look at Brandon Kidwell (Instagram) works they say. This guy levels up the hidden meanings and brings new life…


Lifestyle Photography of Linda Lomelino “Call Me Cupcake”

Blogger, food photographer, stylist and cookbook author – Linda Lomelino is real fairy of a perfect shot and knows how to make you mouth-watered in a matter of a few seconds. You can…


Ambroise Tezenas Photography

First spotted at Designcollector VOX, the works of Ambroise Tezenas captivated us with his beautiful attention to the light and other magics. Based in Paris, he worked as a photo-journalist for both french…


Sponsor: Depositphotos – The Philosophical Instagram of Andrew Zonzini

Satire is the theme — on sex, religion, politics and mass media in the blog of a 34-year-old graphic designer from San Marino.


Marco Hernandez Luis Photography

Young photographer from Tenerife, Spain exploring the beauty of nature via Instagram and Facebook


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