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Eva Kosmas Flores Lifestyle Photography

A native Oregonian, Eva currently resides in LA. Her love of cooking can be credited to being raised in her parents’ Greek deli which they owned and operated for over thirty years. There…


Animations by Zach Dougherty

Mind blowing GIF animations created by Zach Dougherty have been hitting the blogosphere for the last two years. Watch the best below


Submarine Sandwich Stop-Motion Animation by PES

I was lucky enough to meet PES (Facebook) at OFFF2009 at the time he did his first serious stop-motion animation “Western Spaghetti” (he is now offering each frame as a fine print) and…


Offbeat + Inspired

Lifestyle blog run by Tiffany and Sarah is definitely a place to dig on festive season during cold nights, I bet everyone can find something (from recipes to soapmaking) to enjoy on


Jared Chambers Photography

“This american artist has an impressive talent and a great technique when it comes to shooting. Working as a lifestyle photographer and capturing essence of products for Nike or Lincoln cars, his talent…


Alice Gao Lifestyle Photography

New York based lifestyle, food and travel photographer Alice Gao has a plenty of followers on Instagram, and nearly a million of admires can’t be wrong. Check her portfolio online, on Facebook and…


Will Cotton Art

Few years ago we did a small review of Will’s works, it’s a time to revisit his “Art of Sweets” again. His work primarily features landscapes composed of sweets, often inhabited by human…


The Bold Bakery by Sarah Brockett

Graphic designer Sarah Brockett created the project Bold Bakery, an unconventional bakery that stuffs its cakes and cookies with sarcasm and sass instead of cream and sugar.


Shoot The Skies by Tanner Wendell

Shoot The Skies was a 2013 daily photo project to raise awareness and abolish Human Trafficking started by Tanner Wendell and lately published with crowd funding as a book


Stella Maria Baer

Stella grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In her work she explores her memory of the desert – the lines, the color, the space. She now lives in New Haven, Connecticut. One…


Photography by Emily Blincoe

We have covered the works of Emily Blincoe few times with the narrow view on her Arrangements series. This time we’d like to invite you and discover her lifestyle and portrait photography


Artworks of David Palumbo

David Palumbo is a professional illustrator and fine artist. As an illustrator, Palumbo works mainly in the fantasy, science fiction genre sometimes shifting to nude hyper realistic portraits.


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