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Breathtaking Drawings by Zaria Forman

Mind-blowing photorealistic drawings of icebergs and sea waves made with soft pastel by Zaria Forman


Solar System Wall Clock by Anton Repponen

NY based designer and creative director at Fantasy Interactive – Anton Repponen likes to create conceptual product design in his spare time. Here is his latest concept “Solar System Wall Clock“


Drawings by Marissa Textor

Marissa Textor creates photorealistic graphite drawings which depict imagery based on geographic and organic sources. Reconstructing familiar images with her flawless technique, Textor manages to evoke an ominous sense of curiosity and an…


Axiom and Simulation by Mark Dorf

AXIOM & SIMULATION by Mark Dorf examines the ways in which humans quantify our natural surroundings through the use of scientific and digital means.


Landscape Light Installations by Barry Underwood

Drawing inspiration from early theatrical training, and influenced by methods of staged photography and set design, artist Barry Underwood transforms ordinary landscapes into something out of science fiction. The artist utilizes LED lights,…


The Brooklyn Bridge in Letterpress by Cameron Moll

Once, I was happy to listen Cameron Moll live during @Media06 conference in London – talented typographer and one of the font web standards pioneer. Later last year he successfully funded a kickstarter…


Art of Bo Barlett

Bo Bartlett is an American realist with a modernist vision. His paintings celebrate the underlying epic nature of the commonplace and the personal significance of the extraordinary.


Maria Teicher Art

Philadelphia-based artist Maria Teicher’s latest body of work focuses on portraits and narrative paintings that feature disturbing yet delicate compositions. Each tells stories based on personal experiences in a very concise yet mysterious…


Type & Lettering by Casey Ligon

A designer and letterer at Hallmark, Casey Ligon makes fun and eye-catching hand-letterings on paper, chalkboards and even fruits. Creative and intricate, her pieces are a real visual treat. For more inspiration follow…


All good things are WILD and FREE

Wild & Free Designs came about from Laura Maxcy’s background in graphic design, a love of reclaimed vintage, and inspiration from the Transcendentalist writers’ works on nature. Her passion is covering vintage globes…


Art History revised by Cesar Santos

Cuban-American artist Cesar Santos modernises academic art styles and techniques through witty compositions that juxtapose elements directly borrowed from canonical art pieces with his own, contemporary imagery. If you follow us carefully you…


Giant Flowers by Tiffanie Turner

“Spanning nearly three feet wide, these giant fluffy flowers were crafted from paper by San Francisco-based artist and architect Tiffanie Turner. Because of the massive scale of each piece a single flower can…


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