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Atypical by Pawel Nolbert

Well-known digital artist and graphic designer from Warsaw – Pawel Nolbert presents a series of posters exploring form and rhytm of letters or pseudo-letters presented as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures. The artworks were…


Tomcat Brothers by Piotr Jabłoński

Futuristic comics-like journey of two Tomcat Brothers accompanied with a huge white graffiti cat, a saviour and a friend at the same time. The plot created by Polish digital artist Piotr Jabłoński, you…


Etam Cru

New works from Polish graffiti duo Etam Cru (composed of artists Sainer and Bezt) that create murals of epic proportions. Spanning entire high-rise buildings, their works are heavily dosed with fantasy, even fairytale…


Filmteractive 2013

I am going to hit the Poland ground this week to present Russian motion designers for international audience of Filmteractive conference and festival. The presentation “Russian Motion Design” is prepared by Arseny Vesnin…


Paper City by Maciek Janicki

This animation by Maciek Janicki is extremely satisfying to watch. Take a look below!


Michał Sawtyruk

Digital drawings from Michał Sawtyruk worth to explore on Behance first


Magdalena Kapinos

Talented illustrations from Magdalena Kapinos, I’d like to see more of this works in details.


Jarek Puczel

“Polish painter Jarek Puczel‘s works are arrestingly simple, yet compelling takes on the everyday. Sketching out fragments, and in-between moments pulled from everyday experiences, these pieces possess an air of the cinematic—key lighting,…


Anna Taut paintings

Anna Taut was born in 1984 in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated Faculty of Painting from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 2009.


Digital Art of Pawel Rebisz

Digital artist and web designer from Poland – Pawel Rebisz has a few real masterpieces of character design in portfolio worth to see along with other works


Art of Natalia Rak

Natalia Rak is one of the most exciting painters and street artists to emerge in Poland’s contemporary art scene. Born in 1986, Natalia received a degree in Fine Arts from the University of…


Art by Przemek Blejzyk

Mural and canvas artists from Poland – Przemek Blejzyk has artworks I want to see on every dull building in any urban jungles.


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