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Japanese female super-heroes by Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu is an award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City shows illustrations created over the years for various clients in theme of kick-ass Asian girl heroines.


360° Book by Yusuke Ono

At first glance a traditional-looking palm-sized volume, 360° Book by Yusuke Ono (Noiz Architects partner) opens full-circle, transforming into a modern diorama. The book was the winner of the You Fab 2012 laser…


Fire Equalizer by Yuri Suzuki

“Sound artist, designer and electronic musician Yuri Suzuki explores the realms of sound through exquisitely designed pieces. In his latest project ‘Baroque hoedown for 6 rubens’s tubes’, commissoned by Musarc he was intrested…


ARART – Augment Reality in Art Gallery

Augmented Reality continues to seep into popular culture, this installment the ARART iPhone app by Kei Shiratori, Takeshi Mukai & Younghyo Bak. The Japanese artist collective brings famous artwork to virtual life via…


Illustrations by Natsuki Otani

Tokyo-raised and London-based art student Natsuki Otani has already got her hands on freelance illustration. Please check her latest project made for Station Magazine with a brief to to draw 10 iconic styles…


Yukari Masukie

If not drawing monsters Japanese artist Yukari Masukie train his masters on beautiful illustration like we have in the post below



Khuan+Ktron is a team of graphic designers composed by Ningtiendo Sehgah from Japan, Steebz a.k.a. ACPL from Belgium and Mikail Mitmalka from Russia.



The Nike 78 project has been updated and features some fresh new artist interpretations of the iconic Nike shoe. It’s an interesting project featuring some exciting and intelligent artists and speaks volumes about…


Kashiwa Sato iPad Portfolio

We spotted Kashiwa Sato flash website five years ago and it is still an example of Japanese way to organize information. This time he is back to shock us with new iPad experience….



RRRRRRRROLL is a cinematic project curated by Japanese artists creating animated GIFs that really can make you hypnotic.


Particles, Light Installation

From Description: An illumination installation of seemingly floating lights that create a fantastic afterimage, this work centers around an organically spiral-shaped rail construction on which a number of balls with built-in LEDs are…


Wonderwall by BRDG

Japanese electronic music artist Metome released “Wonderwall” EP and with motion designers from BRDG created an abstract music video ready to watch.


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