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Chocolate paints by Nendo

Japanese based studio Nendo recently designed a limited quantity of chocolate-paints for the Seibu Department Store in Japan. They describe their new creation as a “…design that combines the childhood excitement of opening…


Mirrored Infinity Rooms by Yayoi Kusama

In Infinity Mirrored Room installation by Yayoi Kusama ( ‘I Who Have Arrived In Heaven‘ Exhibition at David Zwirner Art Gallery ), hundreds of multicoloured LED lights, suspended at different heights and dangling…


Stack Printer by Mugi Yamamoto

“My diploma project is a compact inkjet printer, which is placed on top of a paper pile. When printing, “Stack” slowly moves downwards and swallows the pile until no paper is left. The…


Monika Mogi photography

Add Tokyo-based photographer Monika Mogi to your list of young people that make you feel like an underachiever. At just 20 years old, she has shot for American Apparel, Nylon Japan, Vice and…


Photography by Tomohide Ikeya

We have shown some stunning underwater photography on the site before, but these delicately, darkly staged works by Tomohide Ikeya are some of the most bizarre and wonderful we have seen to date….


Shohei Otomo

Working mostly in ballpoint pen, Shohei Otomo’s insightful depictions of Japan expose both its commercial facade and deepest underground culture. 
Delivered with an unmistakable level of biting political analysis and technical perfection, Shohei’s…


Manabu Ikeda

I am not sure your screen size can fit the monumental illustrations of Japanese artist Manabu Ikeda done by acrylic pencil on a human-sized canvases. Everything done by hands and pure creativity is…


2 million straws by Tokujin Yoshioka

Renowned artist Tokujin Yoshioka created an installation that filled the entire space with 2 million transparent straws juxtaposing simple objects with massive natural meaning.


Canvas chairs by YOY

Japanese studio YOY presents a canvas shaped chair with a drawing of a chair. It can be used by leaning against a wall. A frame made of wood and aluminum is covered by…


Few Dimensional Art of Shintaro Ohata

Mixing a classic technic of panoramas with modern japanese art Shintaro Ohata combines canvas with sculptures to create his artworks. Viewing in a decent angle the sculpture appears to be a part of…


Graffiti of Speed / Mirror of Symmetry by Sinichi Higashi

Sinichi Higashi‘s series Graffiti of Speed/Mirror Symmetry takes street art to the next level as he symmetrically mirrors long exposure photographs to capture a rapturous, spaced-out view of Tokyo’s urban cityscape. His view…


Digital design by MountStar

Japanese motion and graphic designer “Mount&Star” shows of a dozen of serious digital works from animations to typography experiments


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