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Danton Eeprom – Kissing In Traffic

Does the world need another EP made for people to dance to at 3am? Probably not. Especially if you look at it the way Danton Eeprom does. “I like my club tunes, I…


La faune et la flore

“La faune et la flore” is a collaborative project created by American photographer Mark Harless and French illsutrator _Moon, exploring the beauty of a body and the nature with the help of model…



Textures is a tribute to the many contemporary and classical artists who have perfected their techniques creating masterpieces. Revisited through typography, they combine perfection & timelessness. Created by Alexis Zacchi & Federico Pelat…


2015 Letterpress Calendar from Mr Cup

Be creative in 2015 following every month words of wisdom of the Mr Cup (Barral Fabien) creative manifesto letterpress calendar. Limited to 500 copies, it is composed of 13 cards printed on 700g…


Provence Lifestyle by Mimi Thorisson

A mom, blogger, cooking show host and a cookbook author Mimi Thorisson is a self-made rural lifestyle lady living with her family of three kids and a husband photographer Oddur Thorisson in Medoc,…


Paintings by Yvan Favre

Paintings by French artist Yvan Favre that are influenced by artists such as Edward Hopper. The subjects of his paintings are often figures in some form of loneliness or sadness, often isolated and…


The Equestrian Photography of Charlotte Abramow

In her series, “Allure Cavalière,” French photographer Charlotte Abramow captures the horse and rider in the intimate setting of the stable yard. For the young Abramow, to do so was to return to…


Ines Kozic

“The photography of young French artist Ines Kozic (Instagram) is hard to overlook. Hailing from Lyon, the 22-year-old dancer and professional model, who is currently a postgraduate student at the school of Fine…


Open Toys 3D Printed by Le FabShop

How awesome is that to bring a fresh idea and the meaning for boring things like veggies? Especially when it comes to playing with kids. The team at Le FabShop (Facebook) just released…


The House Of Patrick Gilles & Dorothée Boissier In Paris

Belonging to architect and design duo Patrick Gilles & Dorothee Boissier, their Paris apartment is a study in art, design & beauty. They renovated their 19th century apartment retaining the original woodwork &…


Anahi’s Interiors

Barcelona-based designer Maud Bury rebuilt the Argentinian restaurant Anahi located on a non descript Marais backstreet in Paris.


Super Flemish by Sacha Goldberger

Star Wars characters and superheroes’ pictures would look a little bit different if they lived in the Renaissance era, photographer Sacha Goldberger (Facebook) illustrates in an exhibit.


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