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Gregory Blake

Gregory Blake is a fashion photographer and motion artist who lives in Paris. His inspirations are life, love and all the beauty in everything he can find around him. He especially likes to…


Le Skate Moderne

“Le skate moderne is a french documentary about a couple of young skaters that are not your typical archetype of riders. These young folks started to skate to avoid their traced destiny when…


Photography came alive

French photographer Julien Coquentin invited Russian magician to get his photos alive. Moscow based Alexey Zakharov put some motion spell (let’s call it “Coquentin-Zakharov” potion) on selected works of Julien and the results…


Antoine Renault

Ocean themed paintings by Antoine Renault that captures water and its many nuances really well.


Birkii – Mikael

French singer and performer BIRKII that we have been following for a year or so released new music video for her new single MIKAEL


Métropolisson by Janol Apin

Janol Apin’s “Métropolisson” is a creative project that illustrates the literal translations of the names of various Parisian Metro station stops. The collection of photographs features more than 100 images of Apin’s friends…


The Gabriel Chandelier by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have designed the Gabriel Chandelier, the first permanent contemporary piece installed in the Palace of Versailles, France.


Skull Armchair

Skull Armchair is an ominously powerful looking piece of furniture by French designer Harold Sangouard, aka Harow, that seems fit for anyone interested in comfort as they plot sinister moves. It definitely reminds…


An Instagram Short Film

Some of you might remember the first ever video created with Instagram “The Plastics Revolution – Invasión” and some of you who are curious enough to follow TED speeches might remember Blaise Aguera…


Loop Portraits by Romain Laurent

“The idea behind One Loop Portrait a Week was to re-capture some sort of creative rhythm or spontaneity I felt I lost. Every week I shoot a new portrait with no pressure or…


Réflexions faites by Romain Trystram

If William Gibson could select illustrator for his “Neuromancer” from the near future i suggest him Paris based Romain Trystram with his latest “Reflections” series.


New York City by Laurent Nivalle

You might remember Parisian photographer Laurent Nivalle whose racing car photos are impossible to forget due to atmosphere and light. Apart from retro engines he likes to fixate urban moments in cities like…


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