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Drawings of Anton Vill

Talented artist from Estonia Anton Vill works with ink techniques creating visual stories on paper


Out of Darkness by Estonian artist Merilyn

Estonian artist Merilyn (a.k.a. Naturalshocks) has an elegant collection of dark portraits (mostly of Benedict Cumberbatch) with subtle highlights. Her drawings have beautiful lighting and resemble a fade-in effect, and they were made…


Concrete by HandMadeFont

The typography magicians from HandMadeFont famous for their unusual fonts did it again and now in real concrete. All of their new objects can be purchased and set in your home.


Eiko Olaja

Eiko Olaja is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director based in Talinn, Estonia. He often uses paper-cut collages for graphic design works


Handmade fonts

From a graphic design studio with a passion in typography, Tallinn based “Handmade” grown up to a huge laboratory of typography made by hands. They do fonts from everything usual and obviously simple…

Re_Vinyl clocks by Pavel Sidorenko

Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko comes with an aim to create functional and playful products that retains simplicity, interacting with the space and user. Check his latest project “Re_Vinyl clocks” made and cut from old vinyl.

Anton Repponen | OZO Watches | Red Dot Award 2010

Born in Saint-Petersburg, raised in Estonia and formed in Stockholm and NYC – Anton Repponen is an Associate Creative Director in the world leading interactive agency Fantasy Interactive F-i.
Beside his awesome online project, Anton decided to took a part in Red Dot Award with his OZO Watches projects. And he won “The Best of the Best” at Red Dot 2010.
Read more on Anton’s Kontain

Anton Repponen | OZO Watches | Red Dot Award 2010

Pavel Sidorenko design

Estonian designer with an aim to create functional and playful products that retains its simplicity, interacting with the space and user. To create not only incorporate pragmatic necessity, but also transmit an emotional quality within the everyday environment

Evelin Kasikov

Talented graphic designer born and grown professionally in Estonia and continuing her carrier in London, Eveline Kasikov makes interesting handmade artworks.

Эстонская художница и дизайнер Эвелин Касиков, после успешных творческих достижений на родине в Эстонии продолжает свою карьеру в Лондоне.

Anton Repponen

Talented and few time featured here designer Anton Reppopen has not updated his portfolio for 2 years:) Now, Anton works as a Sr. Designer at F-I.

Портфолио Антона Реппонена несколько раз было опубликовано на наших страницах. И мы еще раз с удовольствием публикуем его избранные работы, чтобы вы оценили уровень профессионализма человека, работающего в одной из лучших мировых студий F-I


Дизайнеры-типографы из студии HMF создали уникальный шрифтовой набор из букв, сделанных в ручнуюБ и больше 100 типов включены в одно семейство HandMadeFont

Estonia based design company HMF (HandMadeFont) spesialaze in developing of unique, untraditional fonts. Check their pilot font handmade set.

Anton Repponen | Archipelago69

Тевтонская напористость и непревзойденный скандинавский минимализм смешались в стилистике порфтолио эстонского дизайнера Антона Реппонена. Творческий почерк автора прослеживается на всех работах без исключения, а простая навигация позволила просмотреть все работы на одном дыхании.

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