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“This is a tribute film to the amazing Montserrat typeface, recently designed by Julieta Ulanovsky. A tribute, also, to the Montserrat neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, which inspired the font. An finally a tribute…


Shapping Clouds by Martin Feijoo

Argentinian creative Martín Feijoó based in Madrid has created a series of fun illustrations inspired by the shapes of clouds that he sees on his travels.


Packaging by Yani & Guille

Check the latest awesome packaging and lettering design projects from Buenos Aires based designers Yanina Arabena and Guillermo Vizzari or simply Yani&Guille


Six & Five

Buenos Aires based design studio Six & Five founded by Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini has a great number of sleek works mainly 3d Graphics under their sleeves. Check out their latest typography…


Digital Illusions by Martin de Pasquale

From his studio in Buenos Aires, Photoshop wizard Martín De Pasquale creates all kinds of digital wonders and illusions for the world to see.


Camila Valdez sculpture

Who don’t like sweeties and women legs? This two indulgements of a mankind has been merged by Argentinian artist Camila Valdez to large scale and table-ware sculptures already gained much attention on local…


PLENTY Show reel 2013

I really enjoyed meeting Plenty studio from at OFFF13 Festival and had a great fun visiting their presentation. They discussed a lot of projects from their portfolio and shown a really nice showreel….



New drawings by Lucas Lasnier aka PARBO. Lucas was born in Mar del Plata and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He Is a graphic designer and artist, professions that develops as a founding…


Young photographer Salom Jartoux

Young photographer Salom Jartoux shows a series of experimental works. We liked the way he works with overlays and colouring to make photos looks imperfect and touching


Paintings by Oscar Casavalle

Argentinean artist Oscar Alejandro Casavalle presents his new series of figurative artworks titled “5 senses”


Mia Maestro – Blue Eyed Sailor

Inspired by the mysterious quiet of artist Cecilia Paredes’ “photoperformances”, the video for Mia Maestro’s single “Blue Eyed Sailor” depicts a perpetual metamorphosis. The visuals are the product of a directorial collaboration between…


Pasajes animation

One of the best short animation I’ve ever saw. Luis Paris uses only black and white colour with a smart negative space transitions what makes the movie outstanding and captivating.


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