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Portraits by Tim Okamura

Stunning mixed media portraits from Canadian artist Tim Okamura. Okamura “investigates identity, the urban environment, metaphor, and cultural iconography through a unique method of painting – one that combines an essentially ‘realist’ approach…


Liquified Rainbow Portraits By Brian Donnelly

“Toronto-based artist Brian Donnelly uses turpentine and hand sanitizer to melt the faces of his portraits into rainbow rivers. Inspired by an interest in human identity and vulnerability, Donnelly paints from real life,…


Animated Graphite Drawings by T.S. Abe

You might remember the graphite animated self-portrait of UK based illustrator T.S.Abe we posted last year. Here is new updates with more animation drawings she did in a matter of this year for…


Mia – Speed Drawing Video by Helena Hauss

Super talented biro pen illustrator Helena Hauss (previously) shared her speed drawing video of the artwork that took her 350 hours and tons of chocolates to complete. Watch it below


Emiliano Ponzi

Emiliano Ponzi’s bold textured illustrations employ repetition, a judicious use of line, strong graphic compositions and the use of conceptual metaphors to define and communicate the concept at hand.


Incredible Flying Machines by Alejandro Burdisio

Argentinian illustrator Alejandro Burdisio created an awesome world full of flying retro cars (apart from flying I prove that these cars are still populate the streets of Buenos Aires). Take a look at…


Monica Rohan’s Textiles in Art

“Floating transcendence and anchored realism share equal magnitude in Monica Rohan’s paintings. Inspired by a rural-idyll of a childhood in South East Queensland and the internal longing of the 19th century novel, Rohan…


Illustrations of Matt Harrison Clough

UK based freelance editorial illustrator Matt Harrison Clough depicts routine life for editorials in a slightly different way.. Check it out on his portfolio or follow him directly on Instagram


Karan Singh

Super-talented illustrator Karan Singh (previously) is back with the new website and tons of killing artworks, available there and on Instagram


Alexis Marcou for Nike

Talented graphic artist Alexis Marcou was recently commissioned by Nike to create inner murals for some of their offices


Movie Posters with One Point Perspective

Italy based twin duo named Van Orton has an impressive portfolio of illustrations made in retro chrome sci-fi colour scheme. Check their latest collection of movie posters made with one-point perspective


Ironic Illustration of Guy Billout

“Guy Billout’s topsy-turvy illustrations subvert our perception of the world with clever twists and ironic flourishes. French-born Guy came to New York in 1969 and has worked as an illustrator ever since. Offering…

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all-day TOCA ME 2016
TOCA ME 2016
Feb 20 all-day
Since 2003 TOCA ME design conference brings together some of the most outstanding designers from all over the world. They present their artworks ranging from the fields of graphic and web design to...
all-day OFFSET Dublin 2016
OFFSET Dublin 2016
Apr 8 – Apr 10 all-day
OFFSET Dublin 2016 @ OFFSET
With over 2,500 attendees each year, OFFSET has fast become one of the world’s most inspirational, educational and vocational conferences for the design and creative industries. Since 2009, from our Dublin base, we...

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