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Thom Puckey

One of the leading contemporary sculptor Thom Puckey released few new provocative works in 2013. The most of his marble objects are the individual female figures, young and completely or partially nude, are…


Google Street View goes Classic

Halley Docherty juxtapose Google Street View snapshots with classic paintings to say a new word in digital art.


Everything Illuminates by Jiang Pengyi

Jiang Pengyi‘s latest series, Everything Illuminates, sees the artist mixing fluorescent powders with liquid wax, and applying it to various, commonly-found objects.


Paintings by Charles Bierk

Toronto-based hyper realistic artist Charles Bierk works with classic oil on canvas to create “graphite on paper” illusion in paintings. Please check his portfolio on


Art of Peter Brooke-Ball

Peter’s sculptures are sensual and beautiful objects that demand to be stroked and handled. With his latest series he creates cognitive dissonance where the material changes its nature by the will of the…


Jantina Peperkamp

Dutch hyper realistic artist Jantina Peperkamp creates impressive portraits


Illusions by Hikaru Cho

In this fun series of painted objects titled “It’s not what it seems” by artist Hikaru Cho, common foods are transformed with deftly applied acrylic paints to look like other foods.


We Go to the Gallery

Miriam Elia‘s new take on a 1960s Ladybird book. Peter, Jane and Mummy go to a gallery and learn about sex, death and contemporary art. She successfuly ran first thousand prints through Kickstarter…


Thomas Lerooy

Thomas Lerooy (gallery link) was born in Roeselare, Belgium in 1981 and now lives and works in Brussels. Each work evokes metaphysical questions as the artist offers his richly ironic explorations of such…


Yigal Ozeri art

Inspired by the aesthetics of the Mannerism and Pre-Raphaelites, New York based Yigal Ozeri is hunting for his Priscilla. His long haired and barefoot muses are real models taken on photographs that used…


Ceramic sculptures by Beccy Ridsdel

Beccy Ridsdel shows exactly what I thought ceramic plates are hiding from our eyes – the beautiful inner organ layer. Using surgery metaphor Beccy explores the perception of ceramics as craft of art.


Installations by Janet Echelman

From San Francisco to New York City, Amsterdam to Sydney, and India to Portugal, Janet Echelman has been captivating thousands with her public art installations that awe and inspire. Echelman’s urban sculptures span…


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