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Woodoo: A Stop-Motion Animation with Laser-Cut Wood

Created by Amsterdam-based director and animator Andre Maat, this quick animated short titled Woodoo relies on impressive sequences of laser-cut wood to create the illusion of a malliable substance.


Johammer Electric Chopper

Zero Emission is not a dream or a nightmare for state oil corporations – it is a responsibility. Few can take it and develop a product from a scratch, a new way of…


SEED – The near-future of mobile technology

The year 2014 is the last break point on the way to omni-channel digital world were device is no more a single way to communicate with information and data. Here is a new…


Shape – A Film About Design

Presented by Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council and directed by Johnny Kelly a short film “Shape” is a project to get young people thinking about how the world is made around them…


Sponsor: Mujjo iPhone Leather Wallet Case

It’s getting warmer and warmer, spring is just around the corner and every bit of nature will get a new skin as soon as it goes. As we are all a part of…


Greg Papove

Greg Papove is a designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia who works on a different urban and home project with a great sense of humour and humanity


IKEA PS Collection 2014

I post this just because it flows my way of mobile living and contemporary furniture design. Take a look on the latest IKEA PS 2014 collection, themed “On the Move,” created specifically for…


Smartwatch Concept

Gábor Balogh is a freelance designer from Hungary who, like many of us, wants an attractive, watch-like watch that just happens to be smart. The difference between Balogh and the rest of us…


GM Concept UI by GMUNK

The General Motors Advanced Design Studio approached Munkowitz aka GMUNK to concept and design the driver console and touch screen UI for their upcoming Cadillac concept car, the Elmiraj. The goal was to…


Vespa Cam

What a Roman Holiday without noisy Italian scooter and shiny gloss helmets? Now add the next ingredient – shake but don’t stir. That is Vespa Cam, a concept made by students Rotimi Solola…


Hoverboard HUVr

According to the classic movie “Back to the Future” the actual future enters our lives next year and while Tinker Hatfield set the internet ablaze with confirmation that Power Laces would be a…


Sunlight Pills by Vaulot and Dyevre

Some instant summer anyone? I’ll take a box of it! “Sunlight Pills” created by Vaulot and Dyevre contains the sunshine from Borabora to the Maldives, Haiti and the Bahamas is available as a…


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