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SmartHalo – Turn your bike into a smart bike

SmartHalo is a smart biking device designed for urban cyclists. Its military-grade locking system ensures it stays permanently on your handlebar to assist you when you need it. The intuitive navigation system shows…


Coffee Kiss by Jang Woo-Seok

“Take ‘Kiss’ Out” is a coffee cup lid designed by Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok. It features puckered lips and a nose – as much human face as a lid needs for a kiss….


Pearl Skulls by Shinji Nakaba

Shinji Nakaba is a Tokyo-based jewelry designer who’s been creating since 1974. Everything he makes is wearable, and Nakaba often uses unconventional materials to create his pieces. These intricately carved pearl skulls are…


The Snow Collection by Anastassiya Leonova

Designed by the young talent Anastassiya Leonova (NN Design Band), the snow collection gives us a simple solution to seating. With solid frames and soft textiles, the chairs shapes the body of people…


Invisible Bathroom Sink By Victor Vasilev

Russia-raised and Milan-based architect Victor Vasilev designed KUB (2010), a nearly invisible bathroom sink. The minimal design is available in two sizes and features a combination of marble and glass.


Hand Made Globes by Bellerby & Co

In the modern age, with the advent of GPS in addition to the abundance of mass-produced globes and maps, the art of globe making has fallen by the wayside. Only two workshops in…


Blooming Windows of London’s Iconic Store

“The iconic London department store is one of the world’s most exciting and recognisable retail environments, with a historical legacy that has consistently touched on trends in style, sport, technology and popular culture…


Everbright Installation

Everbright is a giant toy brought by San Francisco-based Hero Design for people who never want to stop creating. Turn a disc to dial in any color of the rainbow. With 464 color…


WOVE – The World’s First Flexible Display Product

Borne out of over ten years of fundamental research in the chemistry and physics of flexible TFTs, Polyera Digital Fabric Technology is a revolutionary platform at the intersection of science, engineering, and design,…


Punkt MP 01 Mobile Phone

“Enters Punkt’s latest product, the ‘MP 01’, which hopes to offer conscious consumers an alternative to the relentless smartphone way of life. Due to be released in September, it is a mobile phone…


Picar – Pedal-powered Morgan’s Trike

The Ekomobil company of Minsk has created a pedal-powered replica of Morgan’s trike. Based on drawings of the very first racing models, the cunning Picar lives up to the classic’s riveted retro glory,…


Lexus Hoverboard

Just as promised, Lexus come through with a full and final reveal of its highly-anticipated hoverboard. The board has been in development for 18 months, as Lexus — alongside a team of scientists…


Upcoming Design Events

all-day OFFF Russia
OFFF Russia
Oct 10 – Oct 11 all-day
The second Russian instalment of “OFFF On Tour” legendary festival. Headliner: IDEO. Speakers include: Joshua Davis, Stink Digital, AKQA, Mucho, Ideo
all-day Aurora Fashion Week 2015 Saint-P...
Aurora Fashion Week 2015 Saint-P...
Oct 12 – Oct 18 all-day
Aurora Fashion Week 2015 Saint-Petersburg @ DLT
Russian Only 12-18 октября 2015 в Санкт-Петербурге состоится одиннадцатая по счету Международная Неделя моды AURORA FASHION WEEK Russia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKSRgDd2WsA Designcollector’s Coverage: http://vimeo.com/91558250 http://vimeo.com/91660898 http://vimeo.com/91794794

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