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Loopcam GIF-making app

(Yet another) but not the same GIF-making application for mobile called Loopcam. Unlike other apps Loopcam is focused on stop-motion and looks more like an extensive version of Vine backed with a web…


Drawnimal App

Director Lucas Zanotto launches Drawnimal, an iOS app that encourages kids and parents to think outside the device.


Maddie the Coonhound + App

Maddie is the famous internet coonhound that stands on things and now, you can put her on anything you’d like, thanks to MaddieCam. Proceeds go towards helping support the Maddie book 2013 tour.


Mirrorgram App

Mirrorgram is a new photo application that based on mirroring photo-effect, simple but inspiring. It is free but additional filters cost few bucks.


Sunrise Calendar App

Sunrise is a free, fast and beautiful calendar designed to make your life easier. It’s all true, the application carrying an intuitive user interface baked with a dozen of useful features, it connects…


Sponsor: Mini-U ZOO Alphabet Kids App

Good news! AppStore is being gradually filled in with well designed children applications.
This week, Visualizers and PopAppFactory released a new alphabet application for children with live letters and magnificent illustrations by Iv Orlov..


Björk: Biophilia App on Kickstarter

Just supported new Kickstarter project by Bjork “Biophilia App“. “Back in 2011 Björk’s Biophilia album caused a bit of a stir. As an album it was a multifaceted affair, taking the form of…


Over iPhone Photo Typography

If you are not sure your mobile photography speaks for itself than you can apply some neat text over it using paid OVER app with typical text-transform settings or use its free version…


Rise app

I woke up today by the lovely sounds of brand new alarm mobile application Rise made by guys from Simplebots. That means you won’t b disappointed with it’s intuitive flat UI. It works…


TurnPlay – vinyl player for iPad

A very bright and nice attempt to restore the feeling of playing a real vinyl or just have a new experience with iPad music app. This called TurnPlay and is a digital resurrection…


Vigi app

Vigi is a device which slices life up, intensifies it, and returns it in vibrant, ever-lasting flashes. It’s an infinite life generator. Get it from iTunes for FREE


1 Second Everyday App by Cesar Kuriyama

I think we posted the video made by Cesar Kuriyama “1 Second Everyday” when he started to record a second of each day of his life. They say if you have a doze…


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