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August 2012

Simian Mobile Disco – Species Out of Control

Simian Mobile Disco have unveiled their brand new video for ‘A Species Out Of Control’. The track comes from their previously released album ‘Unpatterns’, which came out earlier this year through Wichita Recordings.


Photography of Mikael Vojinovic

French fashion photographer Mikael Vojinovic has all his interests starts from “W”: work, woman, weed.. kidding but don’t stop, go check his works


Existence – A Timelapse Project

4 months of work, a lot of passion, graceful fails and challenges took director Michael Shainblum to a new level of Existence



Khuan+Ktron is a team of graphic designers composed by Ningtiendo Sehgah from Japan, Steebz a.k.a. ACPL from Belgium and Mikail Mitmalka from Russia.


Roman Kreemos

Another Russian gem hand-picked from illustration fields – Roman Kreemos has hot works


Graphics by Artem Sukhinin

London based graphic designer from Moscow Artem Sukhinin does great graphics and illustrations.


Igor Kulikov Photography

Arkhangelsk based Russian portrait and fashion photographer Igor Kulikov


Lee Jin Ju

Lee Jin Ju is an artist living, working and exhibiting in South Korea. Her works are a matter of depicting beautiful isolations of human living and being.


Indonesia Time Lapses – A Life with the Volcanoes

Volcanoes of the ring of fire gave birth to the islands of Indonesia. They gave fertile soil and enabled civilisations but in their inside they are hiding a permanent danger. Geocollector :) presents…


Illustrations by Andrew Archer

New Zealand based Andrew Archer impresses with the artistic manner of doing classy illustration using proper colours and awesome graphics.


Event: Evgeny Kiselev at MAKE IT

Центр информационного и графического дизайна MAKE IT Евгений Киселев “Говорит, показывает, рисует” 31 августа 19.30 Иллюстратор с мировым именем расскажет о своем профессиональном пути, поделится воспоминаниями десятилетней давности: о том, как работал в…


Weird Beauty by Alexander Khokhlov

“Cool black and white photographs entitled “WB – Weird Beauty” by Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov, made together with makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan” via Laura Jul

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