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September 2011

Burning Man 2011

Californian photographer and journalist Scott London visited famous Burning Man festival for the eight time. Here is a gallery of his really captivating and mesmerizing photos.


Mount Kimbie – Carbonated

Directed by Tyrone Lebon, production by DoBeDo Productions


David Sykes photography

“Mainly working with advertising, design and editorial clients, Sykes has a very inspiring portfolio, here is a selection of some of my favorites from his portfolio.”


Sensu Brush for iPad

Just spotted an awesome product design concept on Kickstarter site “Sensu Brush: A True Painting Experience on Your iPad by Artist Hardware” – an ultimate dream for an iPad artists.

asteroids galaxy tour

Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Major

I first heard this band about 3 years ago, their track Around The Bend was like a breath of fresh air among the minimalist indie bands, with its rich and massive sound. Glad…


Washed Out – Amor Fati

Another audio and visual masterpiece from Washed Out, directed by Yoonha Park


Michal Sycz

Noeeko is the working name of freelance art director and graphic designer Michal Sycz. Open to any form of expression, Michal combines photo manipulations, vectors, hand drawn elements, and 3D shapes. He worked…


SWYP: See What You Print

Guys from Artefact (those with innovative WVIL camera concept ) came up with a new concept of printer where they rethink the whole process of printing. A concept to bring the printer to…


Rat vs Possum – Fat Monk

Body architect Lucy McRae makes her debut as a director with this kaleidoscopic dance clip for Australian synth-pop outfit Rat Vs Possum.


Pregnant – Stars Around The House

Pregnant is beautiful, strange and otherworldly. Pregnant is Daniel Trudeau who makes kaleidoscopic music filled with heavy drones, light strings and ethereal vocals. Using his own instrumentation and samples, mixing and mashing together…


Apparat – Song of Los

A robot is born, escapes, learns love and dies. This is the story of her memories.


CANT – She Found The Way Out

Strong music video for CANT “She Found The Way Out” by nautico. nautico is inspired by the sounds of screaming neighbors and the lust felt after a nightmare. they ran away from their…


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Banksy’s Dismaland 2015
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Burning Man 2015
Aug 30 – Sep 7 all-day
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Burning Man is where Mad Max meets Mad Artists. Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to...

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